Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care

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Study finds patient access to records eases concerns

March 12, 2015 AT 4:24 PM

It’s no secret doctors makes some people nervous.  But a new study suggests “letting patients see their medical records while they’re in the hospital might ease worry and confusion without extra work for doctors and nurses.” 

While the study was conducted at only one hospital, lead study author Dr. Jonathan Pell, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado in Denver, said, “The hope is that increased transparency achieved by sharing electronic medical records with patients while they're in the hospital would make them more engaged in their care, more satisfied, and more likely to ask questions and catch errors.” 

Prior to the study, participating patients had “feared that reading the records would make them more worried and confused . . . Instead, the proportion of patients who were worried dropped to 18 percent from 42 percent, and confusion fell from 52 percent to 32 percent.”