Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care

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Report surveys patient engagement market

February 10, 2015 AT 6:21 PM

“Delving deep into the field of clinical patient engagement, we found a marketplace long on potential, but short on results to date.” So begins the announcement of a new report from Chilmark Research on trends in clinical patient engagement.

According to the announcement of the 2014/2015 Clinical Patient Engagement Market Trends Report, “healthcare organizations (HCOs) are still doing the bare minimum when it comes to digital, between-visit or post-discharge interactions with patients. This is running counter to broader market dynamics – such as consumer advances in mobile and cloud technologies, federal incentives like the Meaningful Use program, shift to value-based reimbursement, and greater consumerization of care delivery through retail clinics and pricing transparency.”

For the report, Chilmark researchers interviewed over a dozen market-leading vendors, numerous delivery systems and healthcare executives and other industry stakeholders. The report “found that the basic patient portal, often tethered to an electronic health record (EHR), still serves as the foundation for a majority of digital patient interactions.”