Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care

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Partners HealthCare forms AI alliance

May 16, 2017 AT 1:36 PM

Boston-based Partners HealthCare is wading into the artificial intelligence sector with a new 10-year partnership with GE Healthcare to rapidly develop, validate and strategically integrate deep learning technology across the entire continuum of care.

“Clinicians are inundated with data, and the patient experience suffers from inefficiencies in the healthcare industry,” noted David Torchiana, MD, CEO of Partners HealthCare, in an announcement. “By combining the expertise at Mass General and Brigham and Women’s with the spirit of innovation at GE, this partnership has the resources and vision to accelerate the development and adoption of deep learning technology. Together, we can empower clinicians with the tools needed to store, analyze and leverage the flood of information to more effectively deliver care to patients.”

According to the two organizations, the goal is to implement AI into every aspect of a patient journey – from admittance through discharge. Once the deep learning applications are developed and deployed, clinicians and patients will benefit from a variety of tools that span disease areas, diagnostic modalities and treatment strategies and have the potential to do everything from decrease unnecessary biopsies to streamline clinical workflows to increase the amount of time clinicians spend with patients versus performing administrative tasks. Additionally, the teams will co-develop an open platform on which Partners HealthCare, GE Healthcare and third party developers can rapidly prototype, validate and share the applications with hospitals and clinics around the world.

To ensure that the solutions being developed to target the top clinician pain points and the most critically ill patients, officials said the applications are being developed based on three criteria: patient impact, technical capability and market appetite.