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HIMSS17: IBM Watson adds to cognitive computing options

February 16, 2017 AT 10:18 PM

IBM will continue to expand its offerings in cognitive computing at HIMSS17 in Orlando, next week, when its Merge Healthcare medical imaging company unveils IBM Watson Imaging Clinical Review.

A cognitive "peer-review" tool, IBM Watson Imaging Clinical Review is designed to enable reconciliation of discrepancies between a patient’s clinical diagnosis and administrative records, ultimately providing a more accurate patient record. It reads structured and unstructured data, understands the data and extracts clinically meaningful information, and compares the clinical data with the EMR problem list and medical coding to empower users with accurate information. 

In addition, Merge plans to show a second cognitive product, Code Name: Gaborone, which provides a summarization of relevant patient data to assist in clinical decision making processes. Watson will extract this information from a number of sources including the EMR as well as structured and unstructured sources such as prior clinical reports for the patient.

“IBM Watson Imaging Clinical Review and Code Name: Gaborone provide insights to improve patient care by presenting relevant data and detecting discrepancies between the clinical findings and the patient's medical record,” said Merge chief research and development officer Antonia Wells in a statement.

Merge will also show the new iConnect Enterprise Workflow, which is a vendor neutral platform that aggregates studies from multiple image/PACS sources into a single worklist. Merge's iConnect Suite completes the patient record by dismantling silos of data and shedding light on the 'shadow EMR,' enabling clinicians to make more informed decisions based on a more complete view of the patient record. 

“Secure sharing of patient content speeds the flow of patient information not only across a community of care, but also directly with the patient empowering the patient as an active member of the care team,” said Wells. “Both the Watson-based cognitive products and iConnect Suite are core to Merge's strategy to improve patient care by providing a comprehensive view of the patient record while reducing both infrastructure costs and compliance risk. Specifically, Merge’s growing iConnect platforms serve as the basis for Enterprise image management that will be increasingly cloud and cognitive – enabled.”