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Big data forum to chart course to rigorous analytics programs

April 14, 2017 AT 4:15 PM

It is widely assumed that the future of healthcare will be shaped around value-based care based in deep and ongoing data analytics. But from an organizational standpoint, how do you get there?

That’s the question  Tressa Springmann, senior vice president and CIO, information services at Maryland-based LifeBridge Health, will be discussing at the upcoming HIMSS and Healthcare IT News Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum on May 15 and 16 in San Francisco.

Springmann’s perspective has been shaped by her experience with different organizations of different configurations trying to reach the same goal.  In a recent conversation with HealthcareIT News, Springmann noted that when she took her current position with LifeBridge, “I had come from another organization that had started the process of putting together a roadmap for data analytics and had recognized the requirement that the really hard work of data governance was just absolutely an essential partner with picking a too. The senior team kept saying we need a scorecard, a dashboard, we need to know how we’re doing. Unfortunately, that sounds really easy, but what is really difficult is understanding from them what is the data they want that they can act on, and then how to walk backward through our data sources to make sure we have clean data that is able to inform whatever that scorecard is.”

What’s also difficult, Springmann said, is that ultimate success at one organization doesn’t automatically translate into success at another. “I naively assumed I could bring everything I learned and plug it in and be right where we were on the maturity curve,” she remembered. “The reality was I had landed myself in a threefold more complex organization and there was no way I could very easily move this organization through all those ‘A ha’ moments of change any faster than this organization would take to do so.”

In the end, Springmann says, shaping any organization around the opportunities presented by analytics is about organizational engagement, awareness, connecting the dots “and having folks come to a place that if they want actionable, valuable data they can trust, they have to invest in this data governance structure, data harmonization effort, (and) data stewardship assignments.”

Springmann will deliver an address on analytics and value-based care during a session entitled “A Playbook for Action: Using Analytics to Drive Value-Based Care.”

Talking about the importance

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