Contribute Today - HIMSS Future Care Contribution

Charles Coleman, PhD, is Population health solutions portfolio manager for IBM 

Amanda Dourm is a population health management consultant with IBM Watson Health.

Rob Indresano is president and COO of Barton Associates, a national recruiting and staffing firm based in the Boston area that specializes in temporary healthcare assignments.

Abhinav Shashank is the CEO and Co-Founder at Innovaccer, a big data and analytics company based out of Silicon Valley.

Donna M. Daniel, PhD, is Senior Program Director, Clinical Quality Research for IBM Watson Health.

Maria Balderas, PhD, is a Clinical Informatics Analyst for IBM Watson Health.

Richard Hodach, MD, MPH, PhD is Phytel's Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Clinical Product Strategy

William Kassler, MD, MPH, is Deputy Health Officer and Lead Population Health Officer at IBM Watson Health.

Jerry Green is the director of quality management for Phytel, an IBM company.

Dr. Ali Hussam directs a range of strategic and visionary initiatives as CEO and founder of OBERD, a world market leader in outcomes data collection. His extensive experience in healthcare IT has provided him with an in-depth appreciation and understanding of the need for user-centric, evidence-based outcomes.

Dr. Howard Wetsman is an addiction medicine physician and psychiatrist living in New Orleans. He is the chief medical officer of Townsend Treatment Center in Louisiana and is a member of the board of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.