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IBM index examines cyber security threat
September 23, 2016 AT 4:24 AM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
IBM's average client company experienced about 53 million security events in 2015. READ MORE
Telehealth start-up targets reduction in ER visits for senior citizens
September 23, 2016 AT 4:23 AM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
Curavi stakeholders have gleaned expertise working with nursing homes and telemedicine over the past several years as part of a CMS grant. READ MORE
National Academy of Medicine updates national health IT goals
September 22, 2016 AT 4:26 AM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
Among the Academy’s recommendations are the development of a data strategy that supports a learning health system. READ MORE
FDA report recommends national evaluation center for health IT
September 21, 2016 AT 4:26 AM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
The report’s authors say the coordinating center should leverage CMS efforts to promote the use of registry information for regulatory purposes. READ MORE
Study finds wearables and weight loss not a sure thing
September 20, 2016 AT 4:28 AM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
Participants improved body composition and physical activity, but results varied when it came to shedding pounds. READ MORE
HITECH has had partial success, but obstacles remain
September 17, 2016 AT 12:55 AM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
Federal legislation can be a powerful stimulus for change, but its effectiveness depends on its ability to accommodate state and local policies and private health care markets. READ MORE
Pop health speakers describe need for change in healthcare delivery system
September 16, 2016 AT 12:57 AM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
For population health programs to really have an impact, say experts, organizations need to track patients longitudinally across the entire care continuum. READ MORE
September 15, 2016 AT 12:56 AM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
Pharmacists increasingly serve as a pivot point for patients undergoing transitions of care and have a growing presence on the front end of the care transition workflow. READ MORE
how healthcare organizations can guard against cyber security threats
September 14, 2016 AT 7:35 PM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
The IBM X-Force Cyber Security Intelligence Index reveals how security threats are evolving year to year, and provides well-informed insights about the impact they can have on your own organization. READ MORE
IBM Watson Health signs social care contract with London-based council
September 13, 2016 AT 8:31 PM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
By integrating cognitive technologies that provide personalized insights and evidence-based guidelines, Watson Care Manager will provide guidance for adherence to individualized care plans. READ MORE