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mobile apps
March 27, 2015 AT 12:47 AM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
Respondents note, among other things, that mobile apps allow patients to take more responsibility and interest in their own health, while also potentially reducing the cost of care. READ MORE
colorful raised hands
March 27, 2015 AT 12:45 AM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
In January, seventy teams answered an open call for clinicians, researchers, biochemists, technologists and entrepreneurs with an interest in developing a "health-tech" product or service. READ MORE
smartwatch and smartphone
March 25, 2015 AT 8:53 PM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
"We cannot be truly patient-centered," says one heart patient, "until we have full control over our health data and the devices that keep us alive." READ MORE
people in gym with tablet
March 25, 2015 AT 8:52 PM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
As health and fitness apps become more prevalent, developers and investors alike will want to keep abreast of FDA guidance regarding when and how this technology will be regulated. READ MORE
patient talking to psychiatrist with iPad
March 25, 2015 AT 8:51 PM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
"The one critical element we must get right," says one stakeholder, "is how to 'sell' health to consumers and keep them coming back for more." READ MORE
Capitol building, Washington DC
March 23, 2015 AT 8:48 PM | Laura Bramschreiber, Vice president of marketing, West Corporation Healthcare Practice
Explore New Strategies to Improve Patient Experience READ MORE
Apple's headquarters
March 20, 2015 AT 10:33 PM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
Advocates point to ability of patients to participate in studies from "from your couch. Or your treadmill. Or your bed. For free." READ MORE
Screen shot of Apple ResearchKit icon
March 19, 2015 AT 10:08 PM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
Apple officials say they're working to make sure privacy and security concerns, among other things, are addressed. READ MORE
Nurses on phones
March 19, 2015 AT 10:07 PM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
A new survey found that "virtually every nurse uses at least one mobile device or technology during his or her shift," and half said that made them less productive. READ MORE
doctor listening to technology with stethoscope
March 18, 2015 AT 9:45 PM | Jeff Rowe, Editor, Future Care
Onerous data charges, patchy connections, lack of technological competency and other challenges still limit the efficacy of many online programs. READ MORE